• Green Policy
    Green Policy

Our Green Policy

Our moral obligation and inherent sense of respect to conserve is important to all staff members. We believe looking after the environment will lessen our carbon footprint and increase profitability.

We re-use as many products and supplies as possible

We use bio-degradable materials

Priority is given to saving water & electricity

  • Guests are encouraged to switch of all unnecessary lights
  • Not to use air-conditioners if unnecessary
  • To reuse towels that are used only once
  • The use of energy-consuming equipment is discouraged
  • Energy saving bulbs are used
  • Hot-water cylinders are fitted with time-delay switches
  • All clean water in jugs are re-used in herb garden
  • Vehicles are parked on lawn when washed, using buckets of water
  • Hydrometers are used to determine when it is necessary to irrigate gardens

We have implemented practices that reduce waste.

  • All left-over food are sorted and fed to eartworms
  • All degradable organic kitchen and garden materials are used to make compost which is used in gardens
  • Old cooking oil is kept in containers to be recycled
  • All aluminium cans, plastic material, tins, paper, cardboard & bottles are sorted in separate containers which are collected by Breede Valley Association for Persons with disabilities. These materials are then sold and recylcled
  • Cloth napkins are used instead of paper
  • Condiments are served

Trips to town are planned to pick up staff and buy the necessary groceries.

Located on a smallholding just outside of the town, we are able to produce much of the fresh produce ourselves.

  • This includes: spinach, lettuce, pumpkin, butternut, baby marrows, herbs, olives, lemons, flowers, aubergines, green peppers, pomegranates and granadillas.

Our own compost is used to fertilize soil.

Where possible grey water is used to water parts of the gardens.